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Positive, fresh, and easy on the eyes, McColl's Brewery announces rebrand

(credit: Claire Collinson Photography)

On Friday 5th August, McColl's Brewery revealed its new rebrand. The County Durham craft brewery has been working with Darlington-based brand consultant and designers Brandd to create a positive and welcoming new look that celebrates where they are from and the communities they are part of while hopefully appealing to people beyond the craft beer bubble.

Danny McColl, owner and Managing Director at McColl's Brewery said:

"The brewery is now five years old, and the idea of a rebrand had been raised for some time; a positive consequence of the pandemic allowing us time to breathe, reassess and plot a path forward. After focusing on elevating the quality of our beers over the past 12 months – and we do feel we’ve created a great foundation to build on – a consistent and quality look was the next logical step, to now represent the quality of the beer.
We’ve wanted to create something positive, fresh, and easy on the eyes – something that will appeal to everyone from your mother to your mates, whilst celebrating where we are from. We have also endeavoured to make the brand and packaging reflective of the easy-drinking beers that we produce."

The Beers

You can expect more classic styles and sessionable beers, executed to perfection, so when you go out for a beer, it doesn’t get in the way of a great night or just that moment of relaxation, it’s simply a great accompaniment.

Their flagship core beer 'Crowded Pilsner' will be leading the way from the start. Crowded embodies everything that they are about – easy drinking, nowhere to hide regarding quality, and everyone can enjoy it. This is accompanied by a new Extra Pale Ale – Coast, an extremely easy beer to kick back and relax with.


McColl's Brewery beers are available in keg, can, and cask from independent venues across the UK, with cans also available via the McColl's Brewery webshop (UK-wide delivery) -



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