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Theakston launches new range of recipes for beer lovers.

Steak and ale pie is a British classic and the staple of many a pub plate. However, Yorkshire brewery T&R Theakston has partnered with beer and food writer, Mark Dredge, to create a new selection of recipes that showcase the versatility of Theakston ales as not just great tasting beers in their own right, but as fantastic ingredients in everything from bread to “Beeramisu”.

The brewery, which is family owned and has been crafting ales of distinction for almost 200 years, has a long connection with food, having historically seen its iconic Old Peculier beer used in stews, preserves and even cakes – some of which you can buy directly from its online shop.

Now, with its “Crafted to Perfection” recipe selection, Theakston is looking to inspire drinkers and chefs alike to reconsider how they approach beer in the kitchen by publishing a range of recipes.

Simon Theakston, joint managing director at T&R Theakston said: “Enjoying good food and a quality beer are two of life’s great pleasures, and with the arrival of Spring encouraging more people to get together over a meal and a drink, we thought it was the perfect time to reconsider how food and our beer go together. To us that meant more than simply creating a pairing a menu which linked our drinks with accompanying dishes, but drawing on Mark’s cooking expertise, and our two centuries of brewing heritage to create a range of dishes which are not only perfectly accompanied by our ales, but also bring out the best of each beer’s unique flavours and tasting notes.”

Mark Dredge said: “Theakston has often talked about beer being more than just a pint, and it was that concept which inspired me to create this menu. While beer has been a core ingredient in recipes for decades, as my cookbooks on the topic attest, we wanted to explore using Theakston in recipes which went beyond the traditional “pub classics” of fish and chips or a meat pie, looking at incorporating vegetarian and vegan options, as well as a dessert.”

The recipes will be available at and will feature step by step guides, as well as instructive videos to cook-along to.

Recipes include:

  • Old Peculier Chilli

  • Pale Ale & Potato Loaded Focaccia

  • Old Peculier Rarebit Tart

  • Theakston Best Cheesy Fish Pie

  • Barista Beeramisu

Simon added: “We hope that fans of Theakston’s both old and new will be inspired to try these recipes and sharpen up their cooking skills. We’d also like to invite everyone to share their own culinary creations incorporating our beers, whether it’s sweet or savoury, with us via Twitter and Instagram.”

To find out more about Theakston Brewery, visit:



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