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Moonwake release new Baltic Porter

The strong, dark beer uses hops Hallertau, Challenger and Styrian Wolf

A cold-fermented, strong, dark beer. With Munich and Vienna malts forming the base and a scattering of dark malts, this beer has plenty of sweet and malty body. It is hopped with new and classic European hops, including Styrian Wolf and Hallertau, for a fruity hit and a hint of spice to balance the rich molasses flavours. This beer is something a wee bit stronger, with a smooth and clean finish.

At 7.4%, it is Moonwake's strongest beer to date and their first foray out of sessionable styles. Perfect for enjoying on long January evenings.


Baltic Porter 7.4% RRP £5.00 via

Pouring first at Old Eastway Tap on Easter Road as part of the pubs' Leith Beer Week.



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