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Honestbrew delivers the taste of summer with all new craft cider and mini-keg launch

Recognising consumer demand for craft cider and continued innovation in the craft drinks industry, HonestBrew has consolidated its status as the UK’s leading online craft retailer by adding two new product categories: mini-kegs and cider.

With years of experience and expertise in craft beer, mini-kegs offer brew-loving consumers the perfect opportunity to share a freshly poured pint with friends and family over the summer months. Expansion into cider represents an exciting new adventure for HonestBrew and creates a one-stop-shop for customers seeking new styles of craft beverages.

Cider and mini-kegs will be available from 24th May, with members able to receive up to 15% off the range, visit for more information.

Exploration lies at the heart of the craft drinks industry and HonestBrew continues to play a role in connecting curious customers with intrepid suppliers by expanding its product offering. With summer on the horizon, socialising firmly back on the agenda and major events like the European Championships to look forward to, drinkers will be seeking unique products to mark at-home and alfresco occasions with. The ultimate partner for BBQ’s and entertaining, mini-kegs and cider are perfectly geared towards summer consumption and allow HonestBrew to unite even more consumers with the drinks of their dreams.

The launch will see HonestBrew stock 12 ciders and perries from some of the UK and Europe’s leading artisanal cider producers including Oliver’s Cider, Pollen and Little Pomona alongside eight mini-kegs from a number of HonestBrew’s current roster of breweries, including Track, Adnams and BrewDog.

HonestBrew is passionate about introducing customers to new producers and innovative products, and see these new additions as an opportunity to educate and delight casual drinkers and connoisseurs alike. From the friend of a customer who enjoys their first taste of a craft IPA from a mini-keg at a picnic and wants to delve deeper, to the beer connoisseur who is intrigued to try their first-ever artisanal cider, and the seasoned drinker who comes for the cider and leaves with a couple of Sour Ales, too; HonestBrew aims to broaden consumers’ horizons and support an inspiring community of producers, both at home and abroad.

Michael, CEO of HonestBrew, said: “At HonestBrew, we have a firm belief that there is a craft drink out there for everyone, so these additions to our range are vital steps towards helping our customers find their perfect option. With summer around the corner, we believe that this is the ideal time to venture into these particular categories, and are delighted to be working with such a strong line-up of suppliers from the beginning.”

Cormac Wall, Retail Coordinator for HonestBrew adds: “We’re passionate about connecting people with exciting flavours and stories and, with BBQs and the great outdoors in season, it’s a perfect time of the year to open up the world of craft cider and mini-kegs to our customers. Cider is booming, and the presence of cideries at many beer festivals shows that they’re a great fit for curious drinkers. With summer socialising in mind, we also wanted to make some popular beers available in the mini-keg size as they’re great for sharing. Open the tap on one of these, and you’ll get the party going in an instant.”


Editor’s Notes

About HonestBrew HonestBrew was born out of the passion of four friends who wanted to share good beers and good times with great people and, while how we do that has changed (we’ve hung up our brewer’s overalls for the time being), this motivation still underpins all we do. Our carefully curated range of products from across the craft drinks world showcases the diversity and innovation that makes our industry so exciting.

We know that craft drinks can sometimes be a little complicated and even a little daunting, so in our goal to help everyone find their dream drink, we aim to demystify the sector using our combined expertise, our shared passion for quality and through fostering a vibrant community of differing tastes and ideas.



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