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BrewLDN21: Post Event Review.

On Saturday 31st of July, we attended BrewLDN21 which was really enjoyable but it also felt incredibly strange as we’ve not been in close proximity to so many people not wearing masks in well over 18 months.

Previously I had attended 'Pub in the park' which was equally as strange but it being an outside event, I felt more comfortable. The thing is, it felt fine to be in the Printworks - London as there was lots of space to move around in and there were plenty of areas to comfortably drink in.

The one thing I’ve not missed is being stood around people who are completely disrespectful to those working in the venue, asking for free drinks and being a gobby. I think many patrons have forgotten what their limits are and should probably reconsider attending.

That being said, 99.9% of people there were having a blast and enjoying some of the fantastic beers on tap.

Entry to BrewLDN21 was £20.50 which included a glass and copy of @fermentmagazine. Drinks varied in price depending on measure (2/3 usually £3 ).

Food offering was pretty impressive, although I took up Beyond Meat‘s offer of a free Burger - which was delicious as always.

Would I visit BrewLDN again?

ABSOLUTELY, although I think I would attend the trade session. There were some quality beers available, plenty of space, good talks on offer, and fairly well priced. I think the organisers put on a decent event.

Kudos to all the breweries in attendance, but especially the following: @unbarredbrewery / @siwcbrewery / @blackstormbrewery / @signaturebrew / @craftybrewing / @pinter_freshbeer / @phantombrewco/ @brewyorkbeer / @roostersbrewco - you were really helpful, friendly and knowledgeable.

Event Rating: 3.50 / 5.00

What’s next… @lcbfestival In 2 weeks time. See you there! 🍻



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