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Brew Review: Looper IPA by Full Circle Brewing Co.

I hadn't heard of full Circle Brewing Co until quite recently as they haven't even been in existence for a year. So when I popped into my local bottle shop, the Hornet Ale House in Chichester, I asked what was new and what was good...Looper IPA was the reply for both questions...and it is fantastic.

Appearance: Bright amber, hazy and has a 15mm white top after pouring.

Aroma: Strong smell of peach, citrus and mango and a nice aroma of hops at the end.

Taste: Packed with big juicy flavours. Tropical, citrus, subtle hop taste and a hint of bitterness in the aftertaste. Very quaffable!!!

Mouthfeel: Thick and smooth and slight bitterness. Spot on for a modern IPA.

ABV: 6.4%

Rating: 4.00 / 5

Overall: This is a superb IPA from Full Circle Brewing Co. Its well balanced, refreshing and well worth the £5 price tag I paid. The peach aroma is very pleasant and the smooth taste makes it extremely quaffable. If you can get your hands on this you won’t be disappointed.

About the brewery....

Check out getting to know BREW: Full Circle Brewing Co. (Coming soon)



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