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Brew Review: HHH by (Brew York)

Time to play the game and time to drink the beer. This is a tasty DDH pale by Brew York Brewery and if this beer could talk, it would quote Triple H himself and say: "I am the Game and I am that damn good", and I agree, it's a great pale ale.

I remember a time when the only beer I would drink was a pale ale. It was back when the craft beer scene was fairly new and I was less inclined to drink lager all the time, so pale ale was my new go to. What makes this different to the pale ales I began my craft beer journey with is the double dry hopping, and as I’ve gotten older, I prefer hoppier beer, and this really works for me.

Quick beer fact: The process of double dry-hopping is the addition of hops post fermentation on two different days (e.g. first addition a week before kegging, second addition four days before kegging) which adds a depth of complexity of hop aroma/flavour to a beer.

Aroma: Hoppy, citrusy, grassy and tropical

Appearance: The colour is slightly closer to that of a wheat ale and a barley wine than a typical pale, which is probably down to the additional hops used. Not a very strong head retention, perhaps 3mm or so.

Tasting notes: Very hoppy, strong biscuity flavour with a smooth aftertaste of clementine and mango. It’s very light and has crisp, seltzer-like mouthfeel. Its has a sweetness to it from the tropical notes and is fairly lively on the pallet.

This is a pleasant sessionable unfiltered pale ale. HHH is bursting with hoppy, citrusy flavours and if you like your pale ales to be on the hoppy side then this is ideal.

Details: Malts: Super Pale, Malted Oats, Malted Wheat, Acidulated Malt

Hops: Centennial, Citra, Mosaic

Cost: 440ml can costing £4.20 from Brew York.

ABV: 4.3% and doesn’t taste very alcoholic, so its a great sessionable beer.

Overall Score: 3.75 / 5 (very good)

Brew York: “Returning for 2020 is the original Brew York hazy pale. Hoppy, hazy and heavenly, with enough ‘Pedigree’ and spine-busting impact to keep you coming back for more. Do you want to play ‘The Game’?”



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