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Brew Review: Barnard Castle Eye Test (BrewDog)

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

Not just a clever name, but this is a very good hazy IPA from BrewDog. BrewDog released a Hazy IPA called Barnard Castle Eye Test (referring to Government Adviser Dominic Cummings recent ‘oversight’, after he broke lockdown rules after travelling to Durham in March 2020) to raise money for the NHS a other healthcare charities. The name was chosen after BrewDog Founder James Watt asked followers on twitter what they should name the new beer. Other options were 260 Miles, Cummings and Goings, and Stay at Homes.

This proved to be a very successful venture as they sold out in record time and the demand for the beer even crashed the website! Fortunately for me I managed to get 12 cans from the first batch!

Tasting notes:

The aroma is sweet, nice smell of citrus and a hint of honey.

This is a dry hopped IPA and the bold pineapple flavour is very refreshing and comes through well. Not picking up much mango (as BrewDog hint at) but I think that’s a good thing. Very smooth to drink and the mouthfeel is very light and crisp. Not very bitter on the aftertaste, but just enough.

Colour is golden straw-like hue and not as cloudy as other hazy IPAs.

Doesn’t taste as alcoholic as the 6% ABV would suggest so do take care if you are drinking a few. Don’t drive, especially short distances to check your eye sight. Highly recommend this beer.

Rating: 7.7/10

BrewDog: All profits will go to funding our production of free sanitiser for the NHS & Health Care Charities.

About BrewDog:

Founded in 2007, BrewDog started with a mission to revolutionise beer drink and make other people as passionate about craft beer as they are. Within a few years, BrewDog became of the world's best-known craft breweries and fastest growing beverage brands, known for beers, bars and crowdfunding.



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