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Solar powered Bedlam Brewery, based in the heart of Sussex, have introduced three new 440 ml fridge fillers just as garden gatherings are on the horizon.

“After a bumper Christmas, it was clear to us that our range of canned beers are in demand” said Lee Tweed, Head Brewer “And as it’s important we continue to evolve our offering in packaged sales, we’re now releasing two limited edition brews – a 180 day aged Pilsner alongside a brand new session pale ale. In addition, we’ve put one of our most popular beers into bigger cans.”

NEW PILSNER 180 4.2%

Following a reduction in demand for our best-selling pilsner as a result of lockdown late last year, Lee decided to leave one batch in tank, rather than throw it away. A genius move (he calls it!) as the result is a flavourful new release Pilsner which has been maturating and ageing in our fermentation tanks for 180 days! Expect an incredible clarity and crisp mouth feel from this fabulous vintage. Our pilsner is brewed using both traditional German brewing techniques and ingredients. German Pils’ malt provides light honey notes whilst the Saaz and Saphir hops produce a fresh, citrus aroma and flavour with an elegant, spicy bitterness. This wonderful extra matured Pilsner is definitely worth the wait!


In wanting to brew an easy drinking lower ABV session Pale Ale whilst retaining the body and creaminess of its stronger cousins, Lee and his team decided to pack 4 varieties of oats into this new pale ale which as a result make up 50% (seriously!) of the grains. This gives a full, smooth body to this little pale with haze galore and a long lasting, creamy head. Added into this are our favourite US hops, Double Dry Hopped for good measure, bursting with fruit salad and tropical flavours. Oh, and just to round it off, we fermented it with a bespoke yeast that boosts body and juiciness!


Wilde has proved one of our most popular beers during lockdown – So good we put it in a bigger can! Super fruity, American hops paired with fresh fruit purees and flavours. This fluffy and light East Coast style pale ale explodes with Passionfruit and tropical juice character.

These cans are available to order from the website



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