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Anspach & Hobday celebrate 8th birthday with a selection of rare & unreleased dark beers

Independent London craft brewery Anspach & Hobday have announced their 8th birthday celebration at their dedicated mixed-fermentation brewery and taproom in Bermondsey, The Arch House, where rare and previously unreleased Anspach & Hobday dark beers will be pouring.

Anspach & Hobday’s 8th Birthday Party: A Selection Of Rare And Unreleased Dark Beers will take place on Thursday 10th March from 6pm at The Arch House with free entry.

Highlights of the evening include The Brother Sean 2018, The Brother Brett 2018 and The Barrel-Aged Bretted Porter amongst other unique dark beers which will be unveiled at the event.

Head of Production and Co-Founder Paul Anspach says of the 8th birthday: “It’s always important to mark birthdays, but even more so when the years that pass are particularly challenging. As ever, Jack and I have been enormously impressed with the work and efforts of our team to navigate through the year.

To celebrate, we have delved into our archives and picked a number of very special beers that we have set aside for special occasions. Some, including the BA Bretted Ported, have never been released, whilst others are beers that we identified as having great ageing potential. We are very much looking forward to spending an evening in The Arch House sharing these special beers with you all!"


The Brother Sean ‘18 (9.1%) - Every year we brew a variation of our Imperial Stout, The Brother Sean. Traditionally we have brewed it with a different Belgian yeast and aged it for one year before release, whereas The Brother Sean 2018 uses a French saison yeast. The resulting beer is dry, spicy and indulgent. Far more easy drinking than its ABV would suggest.

The Brother Brett ‘18 (9.1%) - An unreleased version of The Brother Sean 2018 which has been spiked with the wild yeast strain Brettanomyces brux here, adding an element of funk to this classic Anspach & Hobday dark beer.

The Barrel-Aged Bretted Porter (7.4) - A batch of The Porter we put into lightly used speyside barrels and then spiked with Brettanomyces brux to carry out secondary fermentation in the barrel. Coupled with a significant amount of time for ageing and maturation, The Barrel-Aged Bretted Porter is a wonderfully unique twist on our flagship beer.


Founded by childhood friends Paul Anspach & Jack Hobday, Anspach & Hobday launched in Bermondsey in 2014. Anspach & Hobday believe beer is about enjoyment and community. In 2019 Anspach & Hobday set up their Croydon Brewery following on from their 2018 crowdfund (542 investors, £525,250 raised, £3m valuation).

Following on from their 2021 crowdfund (869 investors, £661,262 raised, £4.9m valuation), Anspach & Hobday are set to double batch volume and efficiency, with a focus on supporting the demand and growth of their popular independent nitro porter, London Black.

Inspired by traditional styles and remade for the 21st century beer drinker, Anspach & Hobday is known for its diverse range of beers. Brewing everything from historic ales and porters to experimental sours and IPAs. All of our beers are vegan friendly and made using renewable energy.

Anspach & Hobday is best known for its flagship beer and award-winning beer, The Porter. The brewery epitomises London craft beer, bringing together tradition with modernity.



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