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Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing Launches its first alcohol-free beers

Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing Brewery (SiWC) has today launched its first four beers in the UK. The company was founded by Matty Downs in 2020, with an ambition to become a leading brewery specialising in the production of low-alcohol and non-alcoholic beers, as well as opening a series of accessible, inclusive pubs, which reflect the communities they serve.

Through an intensive R&D process led by John Chadwick (‘The Scientist’), the team has developed effective methods for producing high-quality alcohol-free and lower-alcohol beers without compromising on flavour. John is a haematology clinical research fellow, with a lifelong interest in brewing (and consuming beers). His technical knowledge in biosciences has been invaluable in exploring and trialling over 50 different yeast strains to deliver the best 0.5% beer experience.

Matty Downs, Founder of SiWC says “Down the line, we look forward to opening a number of pubs that will be known for being the most inclusive and accessible brewery and pubs in the UK. As our workforce grows, we are committed to proactively employing people from disadvantaged groups and those underrepresented in the workforce today. We want to run a successful company but ensure that we give back to our customer communities. We want to be your “local” pub in every sense of the word.”

Production of the first beers has been via selected brewing partners, and in the short term, these beers will only be available online and through specialist local and online retailers. The first releases have launched on the Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing website today (Wednesday 14th July 2021), and are available to buy via their webshop now.

SiWC will also be venturing to their first festival later this month when the team will be pouring their beers at Brew//LDN at Printworks London from 29th – 31st July.

The Beers

Lager Day Saints (0.5% ABV.) A clean, refreshing Munich Helles that won’t send you straight down like its full strength brethren. Real lager made with holy traditional methods and unique yeast. Vegan friendly.

Easy Rinder (0.5% ABV.) A zesty mandarin hefeweizen beer with all the character of a full-throttle version, but without any of the potential misfires. Vegan friendly.

Shetland Pony Pale Ale (2.8% ABV.) Don’t let her size fool you – this faithful steed will take you on a refreshingly juicy ride. Brewed with Citra, Mosaic, Amarillo, and Idaho 7 hops. Vegan friendly.

Lumber Jill IPA (5.1% ABV.) An IPA with a full aroma to take you back to the forest, followed up by a smooth caramel flavour. Brewed with Northern Brewer, Simcoe, Cascade, and Chinook hops. Vegan friendly.

Coming Soon: Short Stack Wheat Beer (2.8% ABV.) A refreshingly tart blueberry and maple wheat beer reminiscent of the sweet smells and memories of breakfast pancake stacks. Vegan friendly.

Notes to Editors Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing Brewery (SiWC) was founded in 2020 to change the game of brewing and reclaim its status as the original social network. The brewery aims to bring beer to everyone; connecting people, and building inclusive communities. Their strength comes from their flavours, not their ABV. From alcohol-free to 5.1% ABV, SiWC’s craft beers are so much more than a number.

SiWC’s values

Inclusivity We are putting our money where our mouth is from day one (and next with our bottle shop and pilot brewery later this year) by ensuring it is actually accessible.

Community People are screaming out for community; we want to help create these for people who are missing them at present. We will start by hosting events to try and get discussions started before we open our full-scale brewery and chain of pubs, ‘The Locals’.

Sustainability Our founder loves mountains, arguably too much. This is our long-term objective; we aren’t there yet but every choice we make will build towards this until we’ve created the most inclusive, accessible and sustainable brewery in the UK in 2022.



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