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Moonwake Beer unveil their upcoming core range

Moonwake Beer announces core range of Lager, Pale Ale, IPA and Milk Stout with emphasis on them being precision brewed for easy enjoyment.

Keeping it simple and doing it well is the aim of this core range to introduce Moonwake as a new brewery into a competitive craft brewing scene.

Creativity comes to these beers in their Head Brewer's choice of Scottish malt and New Zealand hops, representative of their location and his Kiwi heritage.

Director Finlay Heslop said: "We're hoping our well-balanced beers will be well received as, while in lockdown, many drinkers have turned to reliable styles to enjoy whilst at home.

"Keep it simple, do it well goes a long way for a core range and for us as brewers we get to be innovative and creative in our methods of brewing with precision and creating quality beers people can stock the fridge with and enjoy again and again."

Moonwake Beer is still waiting for a brew kit and hoping their first beer will be in tank in April with a May or June webshop and taproom launch.

Their brew kit has been delayed since January due to delays in Felixstowe due to a backlog of containers preventing ships from docking and unloading due to Brexit and Covid-19 related issues.

Lager - 4.5% is brewed with Scottish Barley and New Zealand hops. The label reads: "A clash of Old World meets New. A traditional crisp lager with a slight citrus kick from mellow NZ hops descended from traditional Noble varieties."

Pale Ale - 4.2% is specifically brewed for your easy enjoyment. Added oats give our Pale Ale a smooth mouthfeel alongside tropical flavours of mango lychee and berries from Mosaic, Azacca, Citra and Challenger.

IPA - 5.0% is packed full of citrus and pine from Southern X and Chinook. Rounded off with German Malts and dextrin for hoppy bitter-sweet punch.

Milk Stout - 4.5% is velvety smooth with lactose sweetness and plenty of body. A floral, vanilla hint from a combination of Wakatu and Goldings round off this moreish beer.



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